Ildebrando D'Arcangelo - vstupenky

Ildebrando D'Arcangelo - vstupenky

Archanděl Ildebrando D¨Arcangelo v Praze!

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    Ildebrando D'Arcangelo
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  • PRAHA 1 - Rudolfinum


    glorious concert od Reena, 5.4.13
    The concert was very well organised and brought out the best in all the participants. There was a necessary balance benween the guest performer and the local musicians, which is always very important for the audience, The tribute to Verdi in the year of Verdi was duly paid and sounded beautiful. The change in the program made possible the glorious finale with Ildebrando DArcangelos masterpieces of Mozart. Though the program had been different initually, they improved it by rounding off with Mozart which had been the starting point as well.The Count in Figaro was great, better than in the recordings. Since it was just after his Vienna perfomances he showed a new dimension to the aria and the whole thing was filled with passion and temperament making the character come alive. Both Don Giovanni and Figaro sounded great, which is no wonder, since they have been brought to perrfection. The reaction of public made it understandable why Mozart was more succesful in Prague than in Vienna - rare appreciation and enthsusiasm. At some points the vocalist, conductor and orchestra reached a perfect blend which makes music a transcendetal experience and happens rather rarely these days. Concerts like this are a wonderful chance both for performers and public to go from opera conventions to the pure realm of music. Organisation was very good and preparation for the next concerts was well thought out - everything was done for creating the desire of going to next concerts.

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Díky majestátnímu jevištnímu umění a nezaměnitelné barvě svého hlasu je Ildebrando D’Arcangelo chválen jak kritiky tak i publikem a je označován za jednoho z klíčových bas-barytonů dnešní doby. Mezi jeho parádní role patří zejména Mozartovy postavy: Figaro, Don Giovanni a Leporello, nicméně na jeho repertoáru najdeme i řadu belcantových rolí z oper...
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